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Venezuela Trekking & Adventure Challenge – Lost world & Angel Falls – 11 days

Venezuela trekking & adventure challenge – Lost World & Angel Falls – 12 days, nights

2 x day jungle canoe / boat journey, 3 x savannah and jungle days trekking, 2 x days climbing, 2 x days Los Roques

  • Price not including Los Roques: £1750 

  • Price including Los Roques extension: £1995

This trip is available in November 2019. Click ‘reserve’ below to enquire about dates of your choosing.

Video made by Alex Klenov below from the first free ascent rock climbing the main face of Angel falls we (John and Anne Arran (UK)) made with Alex Klenov (RUS), Miles Gibson (UK), Alfredo Rangel (VEN), Ivan Calderon (VEN) and 2005 to create RAINBOW JAMBIA. Article in Alpinist. 14 days on the wall and 12 nights. We will take a much easier route on our adventure trek! magazine

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      Jungle, Wildlife
    • Activity Level Extreme or Exploratory - Trip grade 5
    All about the Venezuela Trekking & Adventure Challenge – Lost world & Angel Falls – 11 days.

    Your chance to explore largely untouched lost world of Venezuelan jungle by boat, trek to climb a table top tepui mountain and experience the faibled lost world of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novel. We are able to touch the lives of the indigenous Pemon indian population whose home you will be exploring.

    Experience a light aircraft flight by the Angel Falls, the most spectacular and highest freedrop waterfall plume in the world which has been climbed by your hosts behind the actual waterfall. First spotted by aviator Jimmy Angel who flew over them on November 18, 1933 while searching for a valuable ore bed. He famously almost landed successfully on the top but after damaging the plane he managed to descend in 11 days to the nearest village Kamarata after being unable to take off again.

    Take up this challenge to travel through Canaima national park by boat as locals do and make an ascent with them. Without a doubt a once in a life time trip.

    If you would like to see what Angel Falls or Salto Angel looks like close up check out our climbing images and article about our ascent of the Angel falls main face climbed in 2005 (first free ascent): Face of an Angel

    or here Journey into the Lost World

    Get ready for your trip with a powerpoint presentation evening? Power point presentation available delivered by one of the frst ascentionists? Contact:

    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
    What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
    • An experienced English-speaking local leader
    • Single timed airport transfer on day 1
    • Internal flights and associated airport transfers
    • All land transport
    • Hotel, lodge and camp accommodation as indicated
    • Meals as described in the Meal Plan
    What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
    • International flights – we provide a ground only package from a single timed flight arriving in Caracas
    • Travel insurance
    • Entry fee for the Cainaima National Park approx. 15 EUR and Los Roques park fee and any waterfall entrance fees
    • Alcoholic drinks
    • The airline for the Angel Falls part allows personal baggage up to 10 kg + handbag. But you can store some luggage with us
    • Telephone calls
    1. Day1 Fly into Caracas arriving late morning where our team will greet you

      Venezuela trekking & adventure challenge – Lost world & Angel FallsSpa Treks - Activ Adventure Venezuela trekking & adventure challenge - Lost world & Angel FallsDay 1 Fly into Caracas arriving late morning where our team will greet you. Then after lunch we take a 1 hour flight to Ciudad Bolivar.  From here we begin our journey by road to Santa Elena de Uairén, Bolivar.

    2. Day2 Continue by bus to Santa Elena de Uairén. Fly in a Cessna to Wonkén Missión


      Day 2 Continue by bus to Santa Elena de Uairén. Fly in a Cessna to Wonkén Missión, the largest Pemón settlement, which is a unique experience. Expect amazing jungle views from this light aircraft as it swoops across the savannah and jungle – a real earth from the air treat! Your first chance to see a tepui meaning “house of the spirits” will happen today – a pre Cambrian rock plug sticking out above the jungle canopy as we fly over endangered forest and gold miner’s territory. From there we can paddle to Yunek in 2 days. A lorry can take us to Wonkén Viejo on the bank of Rio Karuay. You have the choice of assisting our skilled Indian boatmen who guide their 10m craft through the rapids and whirlpools of the river through virgin forest or alternatively paddle in a 4 man boat “curiaco” for more of a challenge. Riverside camps in the jungle are supported by local Indian tribes, a journey very few non local people have experienced. Brightly plumed birds break the eerie silence with their piercing cries. During our river journey we stay in spartan accommodation, sleeping in hammocks with mosquito nets or tents, so be prepared to rough it a bit – the experience is well worth it. The plummeting water vaporises in mid-air forming a glistening white spray that collects in a pools below. We stay in tents at camp by the riverside. Meals B,L,D

    3. Day 3 Yunek by boat

      River crossing adventure

      Day 3 We cross a rapid on Rio Karuay, and one on Rio Yunek. If there is lot of rain or the boat is full, the last rapid is not crossable and you have to walk the last 40 minutes on the river bank in the jungle. From Yunek you can see the Churí tepui what is one of the most beautiful tepui in Venezuela. Riverside camping. Meals B,L,D

    4. Day 4 Walk around Yunek village

      Day 4 Introduction to village life at Yunek and see Acopan for the first time. Acopan is a giant Tepui (flat-topped plateau with steep drops) that belongs to the massif of Chimanta in Venezuelan state of Bolivar. A chance to swim and perhaps have a football match with the local children, take a walk. We take in all our supplies and cooking equipment as there are no shops in Yunek. You will sleep in tents underneath Indian shelters and we will cook our own dinner. We arrange porters with village chief Leonado in this remote Indian settlement. Meals B,L,D

    5. Day 5 Establish basecamp and re-inforce trail

      Savannah butterfly

      Day 5 Trek to base across the savannah and through jungle and establish base camp. Local Pemon indians will come with us to help reinforce the trail using machetes. Moving through a jungle is a time consuming business without support, but the sights and sounds make it fascinating. You may see the large orange and black cricket on the savannah which is a small meal for our local hosts! Meals B,L,D

    6. Day6 Climb a tepui or jungle hike

      Red rio

      Day 6 Climb the independent Tepui next to Acopán (first ascent so we will prepare it) with expert climbers. Around 100m of vertical climbing and then scrambling and descent Camp on top or descend in the morning. Alternatively walk available. Meals B,L,D

    7. Day 7 descend to Yunek or climb Acopan

      Day 7

      Finish climb, descend and walk back to Yunek or continue ascent to the top of Acopan and then descend. Celebration party in the village and gift giving to the local indigenous Indians. Meals B,L,D

    8. Day 8 Descent or free day

      John commentating

      Day 8 Free day, a chance to try the villagers dug out canoes or continue the descent after having spent more time on top of the climb. Meals B,L,D

    9. Day 9 Angel Falls and Canaima lagoon


      Day 9 Fly Yunek to Canaima, flying past Angel falls world’s highest free drop waterfall. In the afternoon you will take a boat ride across the stunning Canaima Lagoon and take a walk behind one of the raging waterfalls crashing into the lagoon. Often a rainbow can be seen in its plumes. Stay in a hotel in Canaima Campemento Tepuey lodge in front of the spectacular waterfall. Meals B,L,D

    10. Day 10 Transfer flight Canaima to Ciudad Bolivar. You can see Jimmy Angel's famous plane

      Canaima waterfall

      Day 10  Transfer flight Canaima to Ciudad Bolivar. You can see Jimmy Angel’s famous plane in which he landed or crashed on top of the falls. His plane has only recently been recovered and we have the opportunity to see it. Here we are reunited with our luggage and take the onward flight back to Caracas from here or Puerto Ordaz which is 1.5 hours drive away.

    11. Day 11 Flight back to the UK or fly to Los Roques Island Extension (2 days)

      Los Roques

      Day 11 Flight back to the UK or fly to Los Roques Island Extension (2 days)

      The flight to Los Roques is just 30 minutes by light aircraft north of Caracas. We land at El Gran Roque on this charming Caribbean archipelago which is also the only inhabited island. Active days can be spent kite surfing, windsurfing, snorkelling, scuba diving or fishing. You will be staying in a beautiful beach-front posada.

    12. Day 12 Arrive back home or enjoy Los Roques for a second day

      Day 12  Arrive back home or enjoy Los Roques for a second day

      Los Roques Extension – accomodation Los Roques beaach froont posada

      Los Roques is a Carribean paradise 

      Few places on the planet can offer human eyes such an extraordinary and singular beauty as that of Archipelago Los Roques National Park. An aerial view allows us to enjoy the varied range of blue tonalities of its crystal clear waters, only altered by the white sands and the deep green of the mangrove swamps which are present in the keys.