Sustainable Tourism: Our policy
We attempt to embody sustainable tourism principles in our trips by trying to make only a positive impact on the economy, environment and society in the places we visit.
Helping the Local Economy


We aim to aid the Local Economy at a direct level as much as possible, through staffing and sourcing supplies locally wherever we can.
Preserving mountain environments


We operate in precious mountain environments and plan our camping trips accordingly, our company respects local access agreements and work on removing all waste. We put a lot of effort into informing our participants, both before and during their trip, about the impact they can have on a community and environment. Control of group size, national parks management plans and any other prevailing needs of the specific environment are respected on all of our trips.
Welfare of local human resources


In developing countries we work with responsible operators who look after their staff. Tour Operators we work with have a good understanding of these issues and consider them vital to long-term tourism in their local regions – a key reason to partner with them. Inexperienced people can underestimate the risks in mountain environments and so we use appropriately qualified leaders and guides who are aware of these risks and issues to help preserve our future rights to enjoy the mountains.
Who we support
Through our Director Anne Arran we support Greenpeace for our environmental interests and the UIAA which is an International body for climbing and mountaineering for it’s work. Anne sits on the UIAA Management Committee and is involved in awarding the UIAA Rock Climbing Festival Awards for Safety, Sustainability and  Sport. She has previously been President of the UIAA Youth Commission which supports activities of young participants in the mountains and co-ordinates member federation event programmes. These range from mountain protection initiatives to sporting events and international meets. She is also President of the British Association of International Mountain Leaders.