Challenge your Team
Many of our groups accepted the challenge of Freedom Trail Treks to raise funds for their chosen charity. We can run bespoke trips for groups of four or more people on most of the trips and challenges offered. Whether you are a group of colleagues with your own justgiving pages for different charities raising money for different charities or other we would love to help. Raising money for a good cause is really close to our hearts and makes it so much more than just a trek! Our ground operations team has helped raise thousands over the last few years and find it intensely rewarding.
Finding your challenge
Bespoke Challenges for charities and how does it work?
Challenges tailored to your cause and your supporter network. Are you looking to put the spotlight on a specific project? Or unite your supporters in a collective fundraising effort? A bespoke trip is also known as a tailor-made or private group tour. Basically what this means is that you come to us with your ideas for a trip and we help you turn those ideas into an actual itinerary. You may know exactly what you want and you just need us to organise it for you or you may not have any idea what you want and need help working it out. You have complete control over the itinerary and can choose the destination, duration, activities involved, type of accommodation and even how many meals are included. We will of course offer our expert guidance on the best options available to you, but ultimately you get to choose exactly what you want! Bespoke challenges are events that are run specifically for your charity, tailored to your unique requirements and end-goals. We are able to arrange for your trip or charity challenge to include some time assisting at or visiting a project in the destination country if this is of interest.
Utilising our combined expertise and the depth of understanding you have of your supporters, we can design a challenge that will deliver an impressive return on investment by way of funds raised. All you will need to do is to promote the challenge to your supporters. Through our large tour operator partners we have ground-operated many trips for charities on The Freedom Trail and have received 5* AITO ratings for this trip for our partners. So just get in touch and we can put a trip style together for you that suits your time frame, departure dates, budget and itinerary. We offer competitive prices which are flexible depending on your requirements.
Open Challenges for businesses and groups
We have many  open challenges available for groups. These challenges are all designed and ground-operated by us to support your fundraising. From the moment you arrive, we will organise everything and can produce certificates for participants. Any individual (over the age of 18) can participate and fundraise for a UK registered charity. Our team manages these challenges from design to delivery and debrief. All you need to do is promote the challenge(s) across your marketing channels to recruit the participants and highlight the opportunity across your supporter network. We administer all the bookings for the charity except flight booking.
How does it work?
There are usually two payment options: self-funding or a fundraising minimum sponsorship option.  Self-funded trips mean the participant covers the full cost of the expedition, including flights, accommodation, food and activities. The money raised goes straight to the charity and there is often no set minimum amount.
Minimum Sponsorship
Select the charity closest to your heart or one of the charities registered to our Open Challenge programme, register for the challenge and then fundraise £2,800. Providing you have raised the funds 10 weeks before the challenge your charity will pay the tour costs on your behalf with the remaining money and any money you raise over your minimum sponsorship going directly to support the work of your charity.
Self Funding with Sponsorship
Pay the tour costs yourself, 10 weeks before the challenge and then fundraise as much as you can for the charity of your choice (or make a donation) but there is no minimum sponsorship requirement.
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