Through the volunteer work of Anne Arran we support the following organisations and programmes:

UIAA – International Rock Climbing Festival Award Team assessor

BAIML – British Association of International Mountain leaders (President)

British Mountaineering Council (International representative)

Anne helps assessing the UIAA Rock Climbing Festival Awards received from different country federations annually. She is also the President of the British Association of International Mountain Leaders and played a professional role in the development of their strategic plan.

About the UIAA Rock Climbing Festival Awards

Every year the UIAA, International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation will choose the best male and female rock climbers participating in different events around the world. The climbers will be chosen by a group of experts based on  criteria established by an awards assessment team. The awards assessment team are former British climbing champion Anne Arran who is on the UIAA Management Committee, UIAA Vice President Peter Farkas and Executive Board member James “Marc” Beverly.
The goal of the UIAA Rock Climbers’ Award is to internationally recognize the commitment of climbers in the rock climbing community – everywhere.
In addition we often support participants chosen charities.
Green Peace 
In 2016 we awarded the UIAA Rock Climbers Award to the Kalymnos climbing festival – Read all about it here: Kalymnos, a rock climber’s paradise – UIAA
October 19, 2016
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The Kalymnos Climbing Festival (held 7-9 October) has won the 2016 UIAA Rock Climbers’ Award.
The island of Kalymnos in Greece is a paradise for the mind and body, in particular for rock climbers indulging in their passion. A rich blend of Greek hospitality, natural beauty and world class climbing annually draws twice as many climbers as none climbing tourists to this Aegean jewel.
The Municipality of Kalymnos has worked enthusiastically and hand in hand with climbers to promote, and more importantly support, climbing tourism and the climbing community ever since the inaugural Kalymnos Climbing Festival was held ten years ago.
The 2016 festival was approved by the Hellenic Climbing and Mountaineering Federation, a member of the UIAA since 1936.

Worthy winners

After considering a shortlist of several European festivals in 2016 the UIAA granted the Rock Climbers’ Award to the Kalymnos Municipality based on its excellence in meeting the following criteria – commitment to sustainable practices, support for the climbing community and experience in organizing international  climbing festival events.
The UIAA also recognized the male, female and mixed team category winners of the open climbing day.
The UIAA extends its gratitude to the Mayor of Kalymnos, Mr Ioannis Galouzis, and main event organizer George Hatzismalis for his unwavering support and innovative approach to this festival over the last ten years.
“We are honoured to receive this award,“  explained Mr Hatzismalis. “The financial support will help us develop the Kalymnos rescue team and will be put towards making an even greater event next year. None of this would have been possible without the great support of our volunteers.”
Backdrop: A stunning, and challenging place, to climb
The number of climbing sectors in Kalymnos is growing, spreading the load on any particular crag.   Last year over €200,000 of funding was secured by the Municipality from the European Commission for maintenance of sectors and the crag environment. This year the Kalymnos climbing festival welcomed the Vertical-Life app who supported the “open climbing days” which attracted 417 climbers from 36 countries. Elena Village supported accommodation and the presentation area.
Report courtesy of Anne Arran, UIAA Rock Climbing Award assessment team.
Images courtesy of Anne Arran and Kieran Duncan
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