Tailor – Made


Our consultants are experts at creating tailor-made holidays, adventure, walking, expeditions and trekking holidays in particular. We specialise in tailor-made holidays and arrange fun family holidays, short breaks, business breaks, special tours, escorted tours and cultural themed holidays and challenges. We can also offer the most romantic honeymoons and exciting stag do’s!  We love to find challenging escape routes crossing borders, following a historical story – join us! Culture, history and nature inspire us and our local guides and team will be inspiring you too!
We use our experts’ personal experience to build you the sort of holiday you want.
TV and filming assistance


We have provided logistics support for BBC and other TV productions in remote locations – and love it! Here is an example of where our expert knowledge of an expedition destination destination has proved invaluable.


Adventurer and naturalist Steve Backshall embarks on one of the most dramatic and dangerous expeditions ever filmed by a BBC crew. His mission is to explore Venezuela’s tepuis – ancient, sheer-sided mountains, lost worlds cut off from the jungle below. John from our team supported Steve in his quest to climb Umpuigma in 2007 as lead climber and later returned for this adventure in Venezuela.


“It is beautiful to watch climber John Arran picking his way up (you wouldn’t think rock-climbing was a spectator sport) but even he starts to struggle.” Sam Wollaston, The Guardian


Lost land of the Jaguar with Steve Backshall climbing Umpuigma (first ascent) 2007 http://www.ukclimbing.com/news/item.php?id=45225 Steve Backshall – Extreme Mountain Challenge series episodes 1 & 2 shown 2016 with John Arran


“A series combining stunning wildlife with high octane adventure. A team of explorers search the depths of the last great unspoilt jungle on the planet”


In addition for media we have supported:
Gladiators climbing training, BBC childrens TV, SAS Survival secrets double role (2003-2004) https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b074c5jk


With an elite team of rock climbers, Steve attempts the first ascent of an unclimbed wall on a remote tepui to search for wildlife on the summit. But nobody could have predicted what would happen, nor the kinds of decisions they’d be forced to make. A white-knuckle ride from the start, the team encounter river rapids and hazardous wildlife, and survive a close shave with a rickety biplane. Yet nothing can prepare them for their climb to the island in the sky.