Looking for a present for a special occasion? Whether it’s an anniversary, a wedding, a birthday, or Christmas – consider a travel voucher. Buy a voucher and the recipient can put the value of it towards the cost of their dream holiday, whether it’s an exotic escape to a Greek Island, trip to Jordan or a romantic long weekend break in the Pyrenees.
Corporate Travel Gift Cards
For Your Employees
Whether you want to reward your employees for long service or high performance, or provide trade incentives, our gift voucher is ideal. Unlike cash rewards, they provide an experience to remember – be it an action-packed adventure, a well-earned break on the beach or even a challenge trek. And because they’re completely flexible, they’re ideal for long-term promotions or incentive schemes.
4 Reasons To Buy a Holiday Gift Voucher
  • They’re convenient
  • They’re flexible
  • They’re easy to cash-in
  • They’re great for budgeting
Where can I spend my voucher?
You can use it on any of our Spa Adventure Treks trips as long as it is appropriate in terms of the participants experience and fitness level. We are happy to discuss it as a recommendation.
Can I use my Gift Voucher to book excursions online?
No you will need to contact us directly.
What happens if my gift card is lost or stolen?
Because the card is treated as cash, the balance can’t be refunded if it’s lost or stolen.
Do I need to have my card with me to redeem it?
Yes – you’ll need your voucher to hand when you’re ready to buy something with it or email it to us. We are happy to take part in the process of creating the voucher for your employee, friend or relative to make it personal and as you wish. The voucher must be used within the agreed time period and on the agreed date and will normally cover the cost of one of our advertised holidays or challenges. It can however be for an expedition or a unique tailor maid experience.
Terms And Conditions
1. The voucher can be used as full or part payment for travel products with Spa Adventure Treks Ltd.
2. The card can’t be used as payment, or exchanged for, travel money-related products, including currency, travellers’ cheques and prepaid cards. It is specifically for the agreed trek or special occasion.
3. The card can’t be exchanged for cash or to buy another gift card.
4. The expiry date is during the year that the voucher is presented to you as a gift and there will probably be an agreed holiday or trek that it will be used for.
5. The maximum account balance allowed at any one time is £5,000 for vouchers for more than one person.
6. The card must be treated as cash, and the balance can’t be refunded if it’s lost, stolen or destroyed.