Your adventure starts here!

If you would like to discuss your trip we would love to hear from you and is happy to do a zoom or Whatsapp call. Just complete the contact form or email and we can organise it to discuss any aspect of the trip you are thinking of. This is normal for us and nice way to meet your team or part of it!

It is difficult to grade a trail and what is one grade for someone might be completely different for someone else due to their experience and how fit they are – we are happy to discuss.

In addition, the entire concept of adventure is so different from person to person – for one wild camping may be de rigueur and for another a hardship.

Our trips are graded from Challenging (1) to Extreme or exploratory (5). It’s important to take into account your current fitness level and how much training you will be able to commit to before your trip.

For tougher trips in mountainous terrain, you might benefit from some practice on rougher, more rocky mountain terrain, which takes in a similar amount of height gain than the hardest day of your trip. We can supply a training guide to help you with this.

CHALLENGING Trip grade 1

This is our entry-level grade. Trips are designed to be challenging for those of good health and fitness, but achievable for most people with a can-do attitude. Please note this is called Challenging for a reason. It may be the lowest grade on our scale, but it is still not easy!

Expect to be trekking for an average of 6-7 hours per day, in a range of terrain, some of which could be exposed. It could be hot, humid, cold, windy, or rainy.

Examples: Peak district 9 edges challenge, Coastal Freedom Trail, Cornwall WW2.

DEMANDING Trip grade 2

Some long days over tough terrain which require good stamina, fitness and a determined attitude. They are usually hillier than Challenging trips, have some longer days, or present other challenging aspects. Examples: Andorra Freedom Trail, Cathar Way

TOUGH Trip grade 3

Tough trips involve tough terrain. Weather, altitude, and/or basic living conditions are expected. They demand good fitness and a determined attitude. Trips with a significant time spent above altitudes of 3000m are usually graded Tough or higher.

Examples: Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Sanctuary, Wadi Rum & Petra

INTENSE Trip grade 4

Intense trips involve exposed terrain and tough conditions, usually at altitude. As well as good fitness and stamina, they demand a determined approach and total commitment.

Examples: Pyrenees Freedom Trail – technical, Kilimanjaro Trek – altitude


Extreme trips involve highly taxing terrain and conditions for the majority of the trip, often with extremes of temperature, altitude, in jungle, a combination of factors which will test your resilience. They may be exploratory to a new area or mountain range. They generally involve climbing above 6000m or involve aspects of ropework.

Examples: Venezuela Expedition, Aconcagua, Mongolia, Pakistan, objectives in unusual places, high peaks, interesting countries, far from help etc.