Are you…

  • an adventurous small group?
  • looking to help a charity?
  • travelling with friends or family?
  • keen to immerse yourself in real-life escape stories, like the WW2 Freedom Trail or other historic trail?
  • interested to know more about the history of the Cathars?
  • up for climbing an iconic peak or doing a long-distance trail across borders?

If so, then you are well suited to our treks and follow in the footsteps, not only of the WW2 escapees, but our many happy clients who have learned more about themselves, about history and (usually) had great fun in the process.

We have specialist expertise

  • We offer first-hand experience to every destination.
  • We only the best guides and local partners.
  • All holidays & challenges are designed to suit individual needs. Your previous experience comes first.
  • Before as well as during your trip we will be working hard to make it run as smoothly as possible and to exceed your expectations.

We are fully protected

  • We offer 24/7 emergency contact.
  • We hold tour operator insurance with Campbell and Irvine and passenger payment protection with IPP London Ltd as Spa Adventure Treks Ltd to comply with UK Tour operator regulations.
  • Please do read our safety policy and “Who we support”. We believe that protecting the environment and supporting communities is essential.
  • We offer holidays and challenges direct to our clients and we also partner with larger UK tour operators, who trust us to deliver all ground support, logistics and safe trips on the Freedom Trail.
  •  We welcome new contacts from people inspired by our ideas and trips!

You travel in comfort

We select our hotels with great care. Not only have nearly all been inspected by members of our team, but we have stayed in most of them. Dozens of others have been seen and rejected. Obviously, comfort ranks high among our criteria, together with good service and warmth of welcome. We also set high priority on charm and style, and location is an important consideration. If there is a wild camp we support this to make it as comfortable as possible.

We invest similar efforts in the selection of restaurants, menus and wines and know the staff who have specialist knowledge of these areas.

If you are a bespoke group it is also usually possible to make variations to the trip itinerary to suit you and enhance the quality of the accommodation or change timings etc.

We prefer small groups, and congenial company

Most of our tours run with between four and fifteen participants.  We also offer treats and treks for any number for special occasions, company retirement presents, family get togethers holiday vouchers and challenge objectives. Anything that strikes you as perfect, we will endeavour to achieve it. 

We are explorers with a sporting background

We are all from a sporting background and have years of training behind us for running, climbing, mountaineering and skiing. Consequently we are happy to assist with training programmes and taking you from beginner to cutting edge expeditions. We have loads of connections so if you don’t find something for you here we can either create it specially or recommend one of our colleagues.

We specialise in providing group travel to destinations that are off the beaten track, to experience things you’ve always dreamed of. Our amazing team may be small, but along with being super friendly we also have extensive travel and expedition knowledge.

We are flexible

We know that everyone has different plans, so with our trips you can bolt on extensions. Let us know what you want to achieve out of your trip and we can arrange a zoom to discuss.

Travelling Solo?

Many people travel with groups of friends or as couples. We also attract many people who are travelling on their own. Our leaders are great at making sure everyone integrates into the group and feels part of the team – you can of course explore on your own if you wish. We usually contact everyone before departing to offer a zoom so we can answer any questions and of course meet you! If you wish to have some privacy then of course you can pay a single supplement on most trips.