Pyrenees Freedom Trail Escape long weekend

3 Days

Choose your level of luxury and activity! Join us on a bespoke trip

Freedom Trail Experience

We will give you a taste of the Freedom Trail of Chemin de la Liberté over just 3 days. You can chose your level of luxury and height gain amongst our options to suit your team.

Option 1 Wild Camp and Halifax bomber

Take a journey into Subera Wild camp and the next day climb up to visit the crashed Halifax bomber.

Option 2 Sporty and breathtaking following th footsteps of a real  escape to Andorra 

Climb up to the Port de Rat on the Andorran border from the Soulcem reservoir and drop into Andorra.

Option 3 Relaxed and luxurious WW2 history – Chateau’s and museums tour

Stay in Chateau’s close to escape routes such as the Chateau de LongPre and/or the Chateau de Beauregarde in St Girons. The Chateau de Beauregarde was taken over by the Germans during the war. Perhaps visit the Camp Vernet museum or the Chemin de la Liberté museum. Take a short walk into the Louis Barreau memorial or up to the stelle or memorial at Miglos.


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Pyrenees Freedom Trail Escape long weekend
From £600
/ Adult