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We will travel to the ruins Roquefixade castle and explore for hidden treasure in the morning as well as walk a small section of the Chemin de Bonhommes. After lunch in Foix we head to the castle to experience the Foix escape game or the destiny of the counts of Foix. Built on an older 7th century fortification the castle was built in 987 and also served s a prison from the 16th century.

Roquefixade Castle stands on a limestone crag allowing a fantastic view of the Pyrenees. This castle was built in the 11th Century; however it wasn’t until the 13th Century that it became a Cathar stronghold. This castle was sadly demolished by order of the King of France in 1632; the remains that stand today are nevertheless impressive. After a short drive from Foix, we approach the castle from the hamlet of Leychert along a particularly beautiful section of the Sentier Cathar.

Mid-afternoon it will be possible to join the FOIX CASTLE ESCAPE GAME One hour, one team, one investigation. Can you find the Cathar treasure?

In the midst of a crusade against the heretics, it is said that the last Cathars would have hidden their treasure and perhaps even the Holy Grail at the foot of the castle of Foix… The Inquisitor is at the gates of the fortress, and you therefore have one hour the time that he attends mass, to find his remains and put them in a safe place ...This medieval escape game will allow you to relive a Middle Ages made up of clues, puzzles, and other challenges as original as they are quirky. Night Hotel Lons

We visit Montsegur and follow some clues and Cathar symbols to treasure caches as well as exploring the ramparts and admiring the panoramic view. Montsegur is where many people feel the Albigensian Crusade came to an end. There were further skirmishes but essentially the siege of Montsegur is widely considered to be the last significant standoff between the Crusaders and the Cathars. Game designed.
During that period it had become a refuge for the Lords who had been dispossessed of their land during the crusade. There were at least 600 of them living there, courtesy of Raymond de Pereille who had been asked to restore the castle in order to provide a safe haven on the very top of the rocky peak (or pog in Occitan). Return to hotel in Foix or Chez Arran apartments

You have the chance to walk through tunnels through rocks, caves and see hideouts Cathar used on the way to Spain. Visit the local spouglas Grotte de Bethlehem and Grotte d’Eglise.
Night in local hotel or at Chez Arran

Self-departure or visit to the Parc Prehistoire, Tarascon sure Ariege which superbly highlights activities deep within the local cave and has a host of activities for children from archery to cave painting and fire making (from April onwards.)

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